Learning HTML 5 Games

You may be trying to plan to build a game, and wondering of your options. HTML 5 provides great capabilities to building games at your disposal.  This means that you can download or buy a framework you like and use it to build a game.  There are quite a few frameworks out there, so this requires some thorough research.  I’m not going to try to lean you toward a specific framework, but it’s definitely

Research a Framework That Supports the Capabilities You Need

Make sure the framework has build-in keyboard support (if building a game that’s not point and click) or at least has a capability to receive keyboard commands.  Look at the type of games that were built with the framework and evaluate for yourself.  Normally, on the framework’s site is a list of the games built with that framework.

Check Out Online Stores…

Like the Google Chrome Web Store.  A lot of HTML 5 games are deployed to the Chrome store.

Look for Games  Built With that Framework on Github and Other Providers

I found a few that were build with the framework I plan to use.  If you go to Github’s site and google the name of the framework you are using, there are bound to be hits.  You can research the games that others have built to see how some are put together.  While source code is always a work in progress, it may give you some ideas.

Blogs Online

There are a lot of blogs online that are created for gaming theory, not necessarily directly to HTML 5.  Doing some research over the theory of how different types of games can work is beneficial.  A lot of gaming technologies, even though different in language, are very similar in the way they work.  For instances, games are usually built with a looping mechanism, refreshing the screen frequently to manage the movement of objects and account for actions, etc.  It’s good to have a general understanding of how it works before jumping into a game.


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