Adding Your Profile Picture to Google Search Results

One of the more interesting Google search features is to your google plus picture to your search results. Adding your picture gives a personal touch, and well, is generally pretty cool feature to add. To enable this feature requires a few steps.

1. Create an about page.

On my blog, there is an about page, which contains information about me and my contact information. If you view the source of the Google+ link, you’ll find this information:

<a href=”; rel=”me”>Find Me on Google+</a> Notice the rel=”me”; when Google crawls the page, it looks for this link to establish the relationship between your Google Plus profile and your blog.

2. Setup Your About Page In Google Plus

Navigate to your google plus page. Select Profile > Edit Profile. On the about tab, select the Contributor To box, and enter the path to your about page (for me, it’s

3. Verify

To verify that it works, navigate to the Google Rich Snippets Tool, and post a link to your blog there. If everything has been setup correctly, this tool will display your profile link.

If you don’t see your profile immediately, give it some time for it to appear, which is due to caching of your link. For my site, it took about a week or two to appear; for some, it took days.


I followed my approach based off of two different resources. Please refer to these if the approach above didn’t work quite right, and let me know with a comment.


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