Kendo MaskedTextBox Custom Rules

The Kendo UI MaskedTextBox plugin is great for limiting the input entered into a textbox. For instance, to validate a phone number, you could do the following:

    mask: "(000) 000-0000"

The value zero ensures only numbers are entered. The masked text box also has these placeholders as well:

9 – 0 to 9 plus space
# – 0 to 9, space, plus, minus
L – a-z, A-Z
? – a-z, A-Z, space
& – any character
C – any character, space
A – letters, digits
a – letters, digits, space
. – Decimal
, – Thousands placeholder
$ – Currency

Outside of these rules, it’s possible to add your own, such as the following:

    mask: "~A-00-000",
    rules: {
       "~": /[3-9]/,
       "*": /[ASDF]/

The “~” and the “*” are the mask placeholder, whereas the /[3-9]/ and /[ASDF]/ define the range of acceptable values. This way, you can create a range to be whatever you desire.


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