Xamarin Forms Threading Fun

I’ve been trying out the async/await model in Xamarin Forms, and have had trouble getting it to work. It turns out there is great challenge in ensuring everything runs on the same thread. In this I learned a few lessons:

1) Make sure that once you start an operation asynchronously, make sure everything is also called in an async fashion. For instance, I had the following call hierarchy:

async LoginButton_Click
async HandleSignInCompleted(..);
async loginService.Login(..);
async HttpClient.PostAsync(..);

It’s important to make sure everything uses the async model, rather than calling the method directly. For instance, an async method can be called directly, or the results invoked directly with the .Result property on the Task. But don’t do it! Be consistent with the async/await setup.

2) Use ConfigureAwait(false)

The Task object has a ConfigureAwait method. I had success using it by applying it EVERYWHERE, on every async operation. In my above stack trace, this looked like:

async void LoginButton_Click //Since a button callback, can't define here
    async HandleSignInCompleted(..).ConfigureAwait(false);
       async loginService.Login(..).ConfigureAwait(false);
          async HttpClient.PostAsync(..).ConfigureAwait(false);

3) UI Synchronization

In my call stack, in the HandleSignInCompleted, there was a call to:

var page = new DashboardPage();
await this.Navigation.PushAsync(newPage);

This failed with an Android error (tested on an Android device) stating that the view was modified on a different thread that the original, which makes sense since we are in the async thread. The solution to that was to wrap the call in a Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread method call. This built up the UI for the Dashboard page in the main UI thread instead.

Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() => {
var page = new DashboardPage();
await this.Navigation.PushAsync(newPage);

Read more about BeginInvokeOnMainThread to understand the specifics, and why it may work in some situations and not others. So far that has been the tale of my adventures in asynchronous operations in Xamarin Forms. Hopefully this might help you as you use Xamarin Forms.


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