AJAX File Uploads with HTML 5

I see on StackOverflow the question often how to upload a file via AJAX.  It turns out it is actually not that difficult. We utilize a solution using the Html 5 FileReader component. The idea is have the file reader read a PDF file contents, and transfer those contents to a hidden field (stored in the $hidden variable). A portion of the script we use is shown below.

$("#FileUpload").on('change', function (e) {
var $self = this;
var file = $self.files[0];

var fileReader = new FileReader();
fileReader.addEventListener('load', function () {
   var result = fileReader.result;


Once a file is read, it invokes the “load” event with the contents of the file; the contents of the file are then stored in a hidden field. Since the contents are in the HTML file, it’s possible then to send those HTML contents to the server, or be a part of a normal postback lifecycle.

The idea with “readAsDataURL” is it creates a URL like the following: “data:text/html,sdafadf34533543sefkafdsadf90809as8dfasdf90asdf9fsdf” where the contents of the PDF are really large. You’ll need to extend what is acceptable as a part of your content.

On the server side, the solution is as simple as splitting the contents after the first comma like:

//Strip off the "data:text/html," portion of the data URL posted back to the server
fileContents.Substring(fileContents.IndexOf(",") + 1);

This is one of many solutions; there are a wide variety of JQuery or other solutions out there.


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